As a hockey player you know how hard you work on the ice. You know that you have to give 110% during each and every shift. And you know how important it is to be able to skate faster, hit harder, stay calmer, think more clearly, handle the puck better and react more quickly than the other guy…and to do it all-out until the final whistle blows.  We know it too. That’s why we developed PreSk8!  Scientific research shows that the powerful nutrients found in the PreSk8 formula can:

  • Increase total muscular work capacity by 12%, keeping you stronger, longer.
  • Enhance bursting power and speed by 16%, getting you to the puck first.
  • Extend overall endurance by 24%, keeping your legs and lungs strong all game.
  • Speed reaction time by 42%, allowing you to get the jump on your opponent.

What’s IN PRESK8?

Rhodiola Rosea extract – Researchers have found that this “adaptogenic” herbal extract has the unique ability to simultaneously enhance mental function and create an emotional calming effect. They found this effect allows athletes to stay calm, while increasing mental performance by over 10%, while under extreme physical conditions. Rhodiola has also been shown to possess anti-inflammatory effects, enhance endurance by up to 24%,  increase anti-oxidant protection, and increase VO2 max.

Tyrosine – This conditionally essential amino acid acts as a natural precursor to the synthesis of specific neurotransmitters (namely dopamine and norepinephrine) involved in mental acuity and muscular performance. Research shows that supplemental tyrosine can enhance levels of these neurotransmitters in the body. This in turn has been shown to significantly increase mental function and physical performance by up to 14%.

Caffeine – Caffeine acts to enhance performance in multiple ways, including its ability to spare glycogen energy reserves (thus increasing endurance), enhance cognitive processing speed and decrease perceived exertion. It has also been shown to speed reaction time and increase muscular power output.

Taurine – Taurine is the most abundant amino acid in muscle cells, performing a variety of crucial metabolic functions to keep muscles performing optimally. Intense exercise has been shown to rapidly deplete taurine in the muscle. Supplemental taurine prior to exercise halts this loss, thus supporting optimal muscle performance. Taurine also helps to clear lactic acid from hard working muscles, acts to protect muscles from exercise induced injury, and helps sustain optimal muscle performance during sustained bouts of maximal exercise.

Maltodextrin / Fructose Complex – Carbohydrate supplementation has consistently been shown in University research to enhance prolonged, continuous, variable-intensity exercise by providing a readily available fuel source and sparing muscle glycogen. Our staged-release carbohydrate complex provides you with the perfect, clean-burning fuel source to achieve this goal.

B-Vitamin Complex – Certain B-Vitamins play a major role in converting fuel to energy in muscle cells. If you become even mildly depleted of B-Vitamins your performance will suffer dramatically. During high intensity exercise great amounts of B-Vitamins are lost through sweat. Our unique B-Vitamin complex will ensure that your levels remain optimal throughout the game. One other benefit of our blend is the combination of 2 special forms of Niacin, while acts as a vasodilator, helping to increase blood flow and nutrient delivery to hard working muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the main difference between PreSK8 and other energy drinks and energy shots?

Answer: This could be a VERY long answer but in summary:

a. Inclusion of research-proven amounts of each and every ingredient in PRESK8. Most other energy drinks and shots dress up their label claims with a variety of nutrients to make it look good.  However, very few (if any) include the proper amounts of each nutrient to create performance enhancing physiological effects.  We do, and can back it with research.

b. Inclusion of the research-proven dose of a specialized form of the extract of the Rhodiola rosea herb. This herb, in the dose and form provided, is one of our “magic bullets”.  Acting as an “adaptogen” it has the ability to stabilize adrenaline responses during acute physical and mental stress, thusallowing players to stay calm and focused during game time.  This effect also helps take out the “jitters”.  This herbal extract has also been shown to:

i. Enhance anaerobic endurance to exhaustion by up to 24%. It does so by up-regulating the re-synthesis of ATP in muscle cells.

ii. Increase the speed of audio-visual reaction time. This allows players to react more quickly to what is happening on the ice around them.

c. The inclusion of a physiologically effective dose of the amino acid tyrosine. Tyrosine is a direct precursor to the synthesis of the neurotransmitter epinephrine in the body.  Increasing the level of epinephrine during exercise has the following effects:

i. Increases muscle fiber recruitment, allowing players to generate more power and speed.

ii. Enhances fine motor control, allowing for more precise puck handling and other motor skill functions.

iii. Enhances reaction time under stress.

iv. Increases the efficiency of fuel utilization in muscle cells, allowing the production of greater energy and endurance.

d. The addition of a truly effective dose of caffeine. Caffeine is much maligned and misunderstood.  In the proper dosage (which we have in PRESK8) caffeine is one of the most studied and effective ergogenic aids available.  Most energy drinks simply don’t include enough to reach the performance enhancing threshold.  Or, if they do, they don’t counter-balance it with a calming agent like Rhodiola, thus creating a product that simply over-stimulates the adrenals and causes the “jitters”.  One of the cool things about our formula is the synergy between caffeine and tyrosine.  While tyrosine provides the substrate for epinephrine production, caffeine enhances the efficiency of the enzyme responsible for converting tyrosine to epinephrine; thereby maximizing the epinephrine effects of tyrosine.  Caffeine, in the dose found in PRESK8, has been found to:

i. Increase peak power output by up to 20%. Allowing players to sprint faster and shoot harder.

ii. Decrease perceived exertion. This is one of the big effects of caffeine.  It basically dulls the sensation of pain due to extreme physical output, allowing players to push harder, longer.

iii. Increase the use of fat as fuel; thus sparing the more readily available carbohydrate fuel source (glycogen) for use later in the game.  Glycogen must be present for players to be able to perform anaerobically (over 85% VO2 max – which is what sprinting effort is).  Therefore, saving some glycogen for use in the 3rd period is essential to allowing players to maintain 100% output at the end of the game.

iv. Increase the firing rate of muscle cells. Creating greater foot and hand speed.

e. Finally, the use of a “staged-release” carbohydrate fuel source. Most other energy drinks and shots use pure sugar for carbs.  This has the effect of spiking blood sugar and then crashing it during the middle of the game, making players tired.  We use a combination carb source, with medium-acting (fructose) and slow-acting (Maltodextrin) carbs.  This avoids the rebound crash and helps provide energy to players evenly throughout the game.

Nutrients such as Rhodiola Rosea extract, tyrosine, caffeine, taurine, maltodextrin are all products that are Ok and not harmful?  There are 3x the caffeine in PreSK8 compared to Red Bull….good or bad?

Answer: Yes, all of the ingredients we have included in the product have been studied in multiple clinical trials and shown to be safe, at the doses we use, for human consumption.  3x the caffeine of Redbull is not only good, but necessary…see above.

Are there any liabilities I should be concerned about with PreSK8?  Is the overall health of a player a factor in determing if he or she should take PreSK8?

Answer: We have worked very closely with NSF, the IOC, and WADA to make sure our formula meets all requirements for use by athletes of all levels.  Above and beyond that, if an athlete has a known health condition, such as heart problems, nervous system issues, hormonal imbalances, etc.; we strongly recommend they speak with their physician about whether PRESK8 would be suitable for them.  While we feel COMPLETELY confident that the use of PRESK8 by healthy individuals is perfectly safe, we cannot forsee how it may react with all health conditions.  We simply must make this recommendation to be responsible.

What about non-athletes?  Can he/she use it sitting at the computer for focus?

Answer: Non-athletes can use the product to increase concentration, focus and energy.  However, this is not what the product was specifically designed for.  Therefore, it will be on a case by case basis how this works for folks using it in an office setting.  It may work for some and for others it may create too much energy and be distracting.  That’s because it was designed to be used to enhance extreme physical output, combined with mental stressors.  In that setting the nutrients get put to work and used up properly.

Is PreSK8 good for golf, skiing, and working out, jogging or other sports?

Answer: The answer is yes…for most sports requiring extreme physical output.  I’m not sure I would recommend it for golf or other games that don’t involve an highly physical component.  The stimulating effects may be distracting.

How many shots should I drink…one…two or more?

Answer: The product has been designed so that one shot is enough for a 2 hour game or so.  If someone is going to be active for longer than that, then they could consider taking another shot 90 minutes into their activity.  But we do not recommend taking 2 at one time.  It is simply not necessary and would likely even be less effective at that dose.

One of my employees is very skeptical.  He says the ingredients are similar to fat burner products…true?

Answer: True in terms of caffeine content.  Not true overall.  As mentioned above, one of the effects of caffeine is to increase the use of fat as fuel.  Therefore, many diet pills use caffeine.  However, the combination of other nutrients we have included in the formula have very little to do with fat burning.  So this is NOT a fat burning product.