PreSk8 – Over 150 Locations in the USA – NOW!!

Thank you to all of the pro shops and hockey stores for the commitment and interest in PreSk8.  We have hit 150 locations in the US and are very excited to be able to provide a quality nutritional product, PreSk8, to hockey players and athletes.  We are having a good cross over to those playing other sports, mainly lacrosse and soccer, who are now taking PreSk8 before they hit the field.  PreSk8 is also working great for those taking it 30 minutes before hitting the gym for their off season workout.  We appreciate both our retailers and all the athletes out there taking PreSk8.  We are safe, WADA approved and NCAA compliant, and backed by science and research to be effective.  Thanks again!

Click here to see the nearest location so you can head down and get PreSk8 today to help your workout and performance.

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